The Read Aloud Revival

A Homeschool Mom

RAR-Banner1In our home we do a lot of reading. In fact, if you see my childrenΒ without a book I would be surprised. Since birth our children have been taught the value of reading. We read to them before they could hold their heads up, taught them to read at the earliest age possible, visit the library religiously, and are constantly encouraging greatΒ reads that come to our attention.

When our children were much littler we did a lot of reading together. But, over the years and as they’ve developed their own reading skills, we seem to be doing less and less reading together. Oh, sure; I readΒ at them. History and science always include a little reading. But, reading for the sake of reading – reading for pleasure and discussion – somehow seem to pass us by.

Especially with our older children, I’ve noticed the tendency to pass along book…

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