😁 There’s Nothing Like A Deadline To Focus The Mind! πŸ˜

OK. So you’ve guessed it. I have a pending deadline and I really need to sharpen my creativity and get writing! This is all regarding ‘Fearne Fairy And The Dandelion Clocks’, the eighth book and start of the second set, in my ‘Whimsy Wood’ children’s series.

Now, the book in question is due to be launched this Spring and it’s already been edited. Our editor was perfectly happy with it. TheΒ odd grammatical amendment needed of course, but apart from that we were good to go……Until my creativity, need for absolute perfection and panic over what ‘the world and his wife’ will think of this next whimsical instalment, happened to get in the way. Oh the joys of insecurity and self-criticism!

Anyway, I have spent the last few days in a complete tail-spin as I unpick the story, add more dilemma and humour. This can only be a good thing surely? And the extra work and stress I have put on myself will all be worth it in the end right? Well, let’s hope so!

For now I’ll leave you with the current version of the front cover for ‘Fearne Fairy And The Dandelion Clocks’ and get back sharpish to my own drawing, or rather writing board!

Front Cover For Fearne Fairy And The Dandelion Clocks! πŸ˜ƒ πŸ“š ✨
Front Cover For Fearne Fairy And The Dandelion Clocks! πŸ˜ƒ πŸ“š ✨

Wishing you all a wonderfully whimsical weekend.

Sarah Hill, children’s author and creator of The Whimsy Wood Series.



Bookshare: Making Books Accessible to Everyone

A great read. 😊

Author Don Winn's Blog

Old Books smallIf you or a loved one is struggling to read due to print disabilities of any sort, you will be thrilled with today’s interview. Helpβ€”great help, in fact, is available! And most is free or low cost! I am so excited to introduce dyslexic reading specialist Matthew Hattoon, M.Ed., of Bookshare.org. He is a great resource for cutting-edge information on teaching techniques, along with technology and tools for reading.

Don: How did you become interested in working with dyslexia and other print disabilities?

Matt: I was a reading teacher in a public school and observed that some of my students had unexpected reading difficulties, when contrasted with their performance with academic duties that did not involve decoding written material. After researching this phenomena, I realized that many of these students exhibited characteristics of dyslexia. I then had the good fortune to be given the opportunity to train with Margaret…

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‘Just January’? Surely Not!

Now nothing in life is ‘just’ anything. Sometimes you have to look hard to find a glimmer of ‘magic’ or intrigue, but it’s there waiting for you to spot it!

The month of January is no different. You may think that January is dull and dreary and that there’d be no point going for a walk, because you wouldn’t see anything interesting. Well, that’s where you’d be wrong! If you were to wander into our very own ‘Whimsy Wood’ right now, this is the first thing you’d see.

A frosty 'Whimsy Wood' in January. 😊 ❄️
A frosty ‘Whimsy Wood’ in January. 😊 ❄️

Looks rather magical don’t you think? If you carried on walking into ‘Whimsy Wood’ and kept your eyes peeled, you might still find some snowberries growing. Providing they haven’t been eaten by ‘Mrs Spottisdowne the sparrow’ or ‘Mr Bilberry the blackbird’ of course!

Frost-covered snowberries in 'Whimsy Wood'
Frost-covered snowberries in ‘Whimsy Wood’

Finally, if you kept very quiet, you might be lucky enough to spot (in the words of the marvellous Roald Dahl) the ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’! Or in the case of ‘Whimsy Wood, our very own ‘Florence Fox’! 😊

'Florence Fox' off for a sniff and a snuffle in 'Whimsy Wood'. 😊 ❄️
‘Florence Fox’ off for a sniff and a snuffle in ‘Whimsy Wood’. 😊 ❄️

If those beautiful, wintry images have tempted your literary tastebuds for a snowy story, filled with adventure that overcomes the elements and is topped off with steaming hot mugs of snowberry juice, then ‘Posie Pixie And The Snowstorm’, my 6th ‘Whimsy Wood’ children’s book, may be just what you and your little ones are after! It’s now available in ebook, hardback and the usual paperback :-http://abelapublishing.com/posie-pixie-and-the-snowstorm–book-6-in-the-whimsy-wood-series-hardback_p31232290.htm

Well, I’d best get on and try to be ‘creative’ elsewhere! Wishing you all a wonderfully whimsical day. 😊 ✨

Sarah Hill, children’s author and creator of The Whimsy Wood Series.

✨ New Year, New Thoughts βœ¨

With the beginning of a new year, there often comes the need for change. The world of ‘Whimsy Wood’ and I are no different! With this in mind, there are a number of new and exciting things that I can tell you about, that are planned for my ‘Whimsy Wood’ children’s series this year. 😊

The first thing being the creation of an all-singing, all-dancing ‘Whimsy Wood’ website! The second thing being the creation of some unbelievably cute ‘Whimsy Wood’ stationery, which you will be able to obtain from this whimsical website! The final thing is the creation of book 8, ‘Fearne Fairy And The Dandelion Clocks’! I wrote this March story a while ago now, so I really can’t wait to see it in all its paperback glory!

In the meantime and if you can’t possibly wait until the release of this next wonderfully whimsical book, then please check out ‘Posie Pixie And The Snowstorm’ which is now available in hardback! Thank you. 😊 http://abelapublishing.com/posie-pixie-and-the-snowstorm–book-6-in-the-whimsy-wood-series-hardback_p31232290.htm

Front cover of 'Posie Pixie And The Snowstorm'!
Front cover of ‘Posie Pixie And The Snowstorm’!

This is my 6th ‘Whimsy Wood’ book and it’s written specifically for this wintry month of January. It was awarded the ‘Story Monster Approved’ seal back in October last year and it was a tied winner (with ‘Posie Pixie And The Pancakes’, book 7 in my series) in ‘The Royal Dragonfly’ children’s book awards at the end of this year. Not bad going really! πŸ˜ƒ

As for news from ‘Whimsy Wood’ itself, well ‘Wilma Waxwing’ has come to visit her good friend ‘Mrs Spottisdowne the sparrow’. Wilma hails from cooler climes you see and so she likes to come to ‘Whimsy Wood’ for her winter holidays. It’s actually warmer in ‘Whimsy Wood’ presently, than where she lives back home! ❄️

'Wilma Waxwing' arriving in 'Whimsy Wood' for her winter holiday! 😊
‘Wilma Waxwing’ arriving in ‘Whimsy Wood’ for her winter holiday! 😊

Also, ‘Wibble Woodlouse’ was the first of the woodland folk to spot the snowdrops flowering in ‘Whimsy Wood’! ‘Fearne Fairy’ will be pleased, as her skirts are made from snowdrop petals and her old skirt had holes in, poor fairy. Looks like she’ll now be able to make herself a new snowdrop skirt! 😊

The 1st snowdrops flowering in 'Whimsy Wood'. 😊
The first snowdrops flowering in ‘Whimsy Wood’. 😊

Well, I’m off to try and be creative elsewhere, so I shall bid you farewell and wish you a wonderfully whimsical week! πŸ˜ƒ ✨

Sarah Hill, children’s author and creator of The Whimsy Wood Series.