Bookshare: Making Books Accessible to Everyone

A great read. 😊

Author Don Winn's Blog

Old Books smallIf you or a loved one is struggling to read due to print disabilities of any sort, you will be thrilled with today’s interview. Helpβ€”great help, in fact, is available! And most is free or low cost! I am so excited to introduce dyslexic reading specialist Matthew Hattoon, M.Ed., of He is a great resource for cutting-edge information on teaching techniques, along with technology and tools for reading.

Don: How did you become interested in working with dyslexia and other print disabilities?

Matt: I was a reading teacher in a public school and observed that some of my students had unexpected reading difficulties, when contrasted with their performance with academic duties that did not involve decoding written material. After researching this phenomena, I realized that many of these students exhibited characteristics of dyslexia. I then had the good fortune to be given the opportunity to train with Margaret…

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