An Egg-cellent Month!

When I look back at the start of this marvellous month of March, I can barely believe how much my ‘Whimsy Wood’ children’s series and I have achieved.


We were invited to numerous primary schools and nurseries up and down the country, as part of book week. I was also asked to judge a children’s writing competition in the middle of the month, as shown in the top photo.

Book 8, ‘Fearne Fairy And The Dandelion Clocks’, was launched on Saturday March the 19th.

Front Cover Of ‘Fearne Fairy And The Dandelion Clocks’–sarah-hill–abela-publishing_p31235594.htm

Finally, the beautiful, brand new ‘Whimsy Wood’ website went live on Sunday March the 20th. With this in mind, please note that this will be the last post on the Whimsy Wood blog here. Next week, you’ll find the weekly Whimsy Wood blog posts over on this wonderfully whimsical website :-Β

Well, all that’s left to say is, I hope you all have a wonderfully whimsical, chocolatey, sunshine-filled Easter! πŸ˜ƒ 🐣 🐰 πŸ’

Sarah Hill, children’s author and creator of The Whimsy Wood Series.


πŸ“š 🌬 πŸ˜ƒ Another Whirlwind Week For Whimsy Wood! πŸ˜ƒ 🌬 πŸ“š


The wheels of ‘Whimsy Wood’ were back on the road again last week, as I was invited to visit Townsend Barn Nursery in Poulshot, Wiltshire, to read ‘Posie Pixie And The Pancakes’, book 7 in my Whimsy Wood children’s series.

Visiting Townsend Barn Nursery in Poulshot, Wiltshire.
Visiting Townsend Barn Nursery in Poulshot, Wiltshire.

The pre-school children certainly enjoyed meeting all the woodland folk that I brought with me and loved listening to Posie’s February adventure! They were able to take home Whimsy Wood bookmarks and information about book 8, ‘Fearne Fairy And The Dandelion Clocks’, which is due out this Saturday! πŸ˜ƒ


Talking of which, the first hardback and paperback copies of ‘Fearne Fairy And The Dandelion Clocks’ arrived last week! I know I’m biased, but they really do look absolutely beautiful! If you’d like to pre-order a copy you can do so here :-Β–fearne-fairy-and-the-dandelion-clocks–book-8-in-the-whimsy-wood-series_p31235401.htm

The 1st Hardback and Paperback Copies Of Fearne Fairy And The Dandelion Clocks!
The 1st Hardback And Paperback Copies Of Fearne Fairy And The Dandelion Clocks!

I was also invited to Hamp Academy in Bridgwater, Somerset last week, to run 2 creative writing workshops for their junior pupils. We had lots of fun, creating woodland story arcs in the form of game boards. The children were then able to write a short woodland story, using their story game boards. This tied in with a woodland visit the children had been on a few days before.

Finally, I was asked to judge a children’s writing competition run by The Little Hen House in Devizes, Wiltshire and the prize-giving party was last Saturday. The entries we’d received were really wonderful; full of imagination and creativity. Huge congratulations to the winners and indeed all the children who entered. πŸ˜ƒ

Along with a treasure hunt around The Little Hen House, the children were treated to a ‘pin the beak on the chicken’ game and craft activities. Following some essential celebratory slices of cake, the children settled down to hear the first ever public reading of ‘Fearne Fairy And The Dandelion Clocks’!

I’m delighted to say that it went down a storm and the children headed home, happily carrying their party bags and prizes. Hopefully, they had wonderfully whimsical dreams that evening, of little hens getting up to mischief in Whimsy Wood with Fearne Fairy perhaps?! πŸ˜ƒ

The mention of dreams has just reminded me, that I really should be finishing off the content required for Whimsy Wood’s new website, which will go live this Sunday! So, I shall bid you farewell and wish you a wonderfully whimsical week!

Sarah Hill, children’s author and creator of The Whimsy Wood Series.

✨ πŸ“š 😊 A Whimsical Website And A Writing Competition! 😊 πŸ“š βœ¨

Hello there and a happy Thursday to you all! I hope you’ve been having a wonderfully whimsical week so far and thank goodness it’s nearly Friday! My desperate need to reach the weekend, has been fuelled by the frenetic pace of this week. I honestly don’t know if I’ve been coming or going! Mostly ‘going’ I suspect though and probably ’round the twist’!

Anyway, needless to say that the wheels of ‘Whimsy Wood’ have been whirring away and at an equally hectic speed. This is because book 8, ‘Fearne Fairy And The Dandelion Clocks’, is going through its formatting stage, ready for its release on March the 19th. Here’s another of Sarah Mauchline’s (our incredible illustrator) enchanting illustrations for this next Whimsy Wood book.

Poor 'Fearne Fairy' has crash landed again! 😁
Poor ‘Fearne Fairy’ has crash landed again! 😁

Along with the formatting of book 8, a wonderfully whimsical website is currently being created for my Whimsy Wood children’s series. This website will contain inside information about the series and background information on all the Whimsy Wood characters. There will be regular children’s competitions and woodland-related craft ideas, along with Whimsy Wood’s own little online shop. I am really excited about Whimsy Wood’s website and I hope you like it when it’s completed. 😊

In other Whimsy Wood news, I’m delighted to share with you information regarding a children’s writing competition! This is being run by The Little Hen House in Devizes, Wiltshire. If you’re not familiar with this super shop, I can tell you that The Little Hen House stocks charming children’s clothes for ages 0-8 years old.

They opened their children’s writing competition on January the 23rd, (National Handwriting Day) and the deadline for entries is February the 23rd. So if you were looking for a half-term activity for your children, then this could be a splendid suggestion. 😊

In the afternoon of Saturday March the 12th, I shall be giving out the prizes to the wonderful winners of this writing competition. This prize-giving event will be held in The Little Hen House and there’ll be a treasure hunt, colouring-in station and a Whimsy Wood book reading. For further information regarding this competition, please contact The Little Hen House directly. Thank you.


Well, that’s all from me for today. Time is pressing and my ‘to-do’ list isn’t getting any shorter!

With whimsical wishes,

Sarah Hill, children’s author and creator of The Whimsy Wood Series.